Update: September 13th 2017

Posted on Sep 13, 2017 |

Life Community,

Good afternoon.  I hope you are having a great day.  I wanted to take a few moments and give some general updates about our church to keep everyone in the loop.

We would like to praise God for a successful launch of the 9 am service.  We had about 150 people in attendance in the 9 am service and around 180 in the second service.  This bumped our numbers up to around 330 on Sunday morning!  It is exciting to see new faces and more seating capacity for those who are coming to worship.  This will help our church grow because you now have empty seats to help fill!  So invite your loved ones and friends to come and worship you at Life Community (in either the 9 am or the 11 am service).  There is indeed a space for you!

In addition this we had David and Devon Ford unite in the first service, Claire and Audrey Bennet in the second serivce, and Sara and Eric Westerman in the second service. We welcome them all to the church family.
Life Groups had a wonderful beginning last week.  We have groups that meet on Wednesday night (which is helpful to many, because Kids Life is offered on Wednesday nights at the same time, 6:30 pm), Friday nights, and Sunday nights.  We don’t care what night you go to, but we truly hope that you can be involved in a Life Group.  It’s a great way to get to know others and to study God’s word.  Just show up.  Last week I began a new series entitled “community in your life” to teach the importance of being connected.  Make sure you take advantage of a Life Group and discover Christian Community.

This upcoming Sunday will be the ordination service for Ryan Moore.  Ryan will be ordained at 4 pm that afternoon.  I want to encourage the entire church to attend this special event.  Your attendance is incredibly important as we ordain Ryan.  It will be a great day.

On the 24th, we will be having a special CLASS 501 with special guest Rick Howerton.  This 501 Class will be for those who are leading life groups, those who have completed class 401, and for all those who are interested or considering leading a life group one day.  This will be after the 11:00 service on the 24th.

As many of you know our Church Wide, Spiritual Growth, Fall Campaign is coming.  Jesse Payne has been doing a great job of leading the campaign team.  The campaign is a 40-day journey for Life Community into God’s Word.  The purpose is to unite us around one topic (in this case God’s Light: 40 Days in the Word), to realign our focus and to spiritually revive us.  When the campaign begins all the groups will be studying the same material, the sermons will revolve around the material, there will be outreach projects that connect to the material, and even some surprises!

This year’s theme (God’s Light:  40 Days in The Word) will teach us how to study our Bibles and to interact with Scripture.  It is a Rick Warren study from Saddleback and I believe it’s going to really bless you!  This upcoming Sunday we are going to begin offering T-Shirts and Work Books bundled together for $20.  We want to encourage all church members to buy a bundle as the campaign approaches.  Maybe you would like to buy more than one bundle to help someone who cannot afford a book and a shirt, you are free to do so.

The campaign launch day will be October 22nd with a high attendance day and will last for the whole month of November.  The campaign team is challenging you to invite people to the campaign by purchasing a Bible for them (for $3) and inviting them to come with you on this special day.  You can secure your t-shirt bundle and book and invitation bible at the campaign table on Sunday mornings.  This is going to be a great time!
I hope you have a great week!  God Bless
Kenny Rager
Pastor @ life community