Update 8-9-17

Posted on Aug 9, 2017 |

Note from Pastor Kenny

Greetings Life Community. I hope you all are doing great today and I hope you can make it out to Summer Bible Study at 6:30 tonight. Today was the first day of school for our area, and like many, we have children that went. We believe that they are going to learn and make a big difference in the upcoming days. This got me thinking about how you too can make a difference in the upcoming days. I wanted to take a few moments to share you about 4 ways you can make a big difference

Way 1- Use your gifts- our new season of serving begins in September and will last through December. We are going to be launching our 9am service on September 10th, so we are encouraging everyone to “attend one and serve one”. There are lots of areas to be involved in, especially the wonderful area of kids ministry. We could utilize more volunteers in the 9am Toddlers area, 9am primary kids area, 9am sound and media, 11am Toddlers area, and the 11am primary area. You can volunteer by clicking the link below.

Sign up to serve!


Way 2- Get in a life group- Life Groups are an amazing way that we connect to each other, connect to the Bible, and connect to God’s word. New groups start in September. I encourage all of us to be in a group, this is how we “grow larger and smaller” at the same time. Click below to sign up.

Sign up for a group!


Way 3- continue giving- We are thankful to be in a church with a vision and direction that God is blessing. I am also thankful that we are in a church of people that are generous and sacrificial. As we continue to press forward to great things I want to encourage you to keep tithing and keep giving offerings for the glory of God. Did you know we have an online option for giving? Also it allows recurring drafts (if you desire). Check out our online tab.

Online Giving


Way 4- Pray! LCC values prayer greatly! I want to encourage you to pray for these special requests.

Community Block Party on the 19th- this is an incredible outreach to our neighbors and community. I pray that we can use it bless people and present the Gospel.

The future Associate Pastor of Students- Our search team has worked incredibly hard and they believe they are ready to present a name for your consideration. They will be giving the name out at the end of the service on Sunday morning. There will be a church Q and A with the candidate on the 16th, and a special call family meeting on the 20th after the Sunday morning service to install the candidate.

Pray for upcoming calendar year- We will be presenting a new budget, installing new ministry leaders, and amending the by laws in regards to the numbering of trustees and on a formal more organized way to present new business. Our new budget will reflect the salary of our Associate Pastor and some upcoming ministries that God is brining into our path.

Pray for what God has for us- We are on the edge of something great. Our Fall Growth campaign will be in mid-october. Jesse Payne has assembled a campaign team and I believe he is going to do a great job. Keep Jesse in your prayers.

As always it is a pleasure to be your pastor. I love Jesus and I love my church, and I love you!

God Bless

Kenny Rager
Pastor @ life community