Q and A from “Night of Vision”

Posted on Jan 17, 2018 |

The questions below were received from the congregation in regards to the upcoming plans for the remodel. These questions have been answered by our vision team. We hope this informs you as we press forward towards Sunday’s decision.

Q: I don’t think a family restroom will be adequate. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to try this for a month before we spend all of that money?

A: There are currently 3 existing restrooms on the main floor (one for men, one for women,  and one family). These restrooms will continue to be in operation and available for general use. The two restrooms in question are downstairs near the children’s area. We believe that is important to make sure that the children are safe and secure with their own restroom. We live in a day and age where we must take precaution to ensure that our children are safe. Since a children’s restroom will be remodeled it only makes sense to remodel the other one as well. This saves overall cost in materials when doing it all at once. Summary: One male and one female on main floor. 1 male and 1 female in youth area. One children’s bathroom under stair well and one family bathroom under stair well.

Q: How many contractors did we have bid this project? Are we going to use the lowest bid?

There were 3 professional contractors that bid this job. The one that was chosen was the most competent and willing to work with all planning and zoning regulations. Mike Lewis’ reputation is very well known. Two members of our church who do construction for a living met and approved of Mike as well. In addition to this, the amount that he has bid the project for is near cost.

Q: The existing baptistery can be seen from everywhere in the auditorium, why would we want to move it to the platform where it will be impossible to see from the seats in the back half of the auditorium?

A: The existing baptistery is not in good condition. Our contractor took a look at it and confirmed that it was weak in several areas. Replacing the current baptistry is very costly. In addition to the cost of it, planning and zoning places baptisteries under the same regulations as hot tubs and spas. There will be a considerable amount of code work to be done.
There are additional reasons for placing the Baptistery on the platform:
A. The current spot for the baptistery will house the screens needed for worship. A considerable amount of light from the windows shine onto the walls and creates glare. Hall Street had this problem with their placement of the screen on the left side wall on Sunday mornings. A large screen in the middle of the platform will help with overall visibility issues.
B. The baptistry will be elevated and will be seen by everyone in the room. It will not technically sit on the platform, but will have its own housing. Visibility will not be an issue.
C. There is great symbolism in the placement of the baptistery.
a. By using our trough, we are reminded where we came from and who we are. It is a great testimony to the type of church we desire to be. Our church believes in biblical immersion and will ensure that.
b. Baptizing close to the people will illustrate that a person is being baptized into the body and family of Christ.

Q: Are you going to do away with the stain glass windows?

A: There are no plans to do anything to the windows. They will be incorporated into the overall design of the auditorium.

Q: A legacy room- I had heard of talk about putting together a room showing the history of LCC to Hall Street and how they came together. A dedication to our history and the blessing from God. Any plans for this still?

A: The building is very large but most space is already accounted for. Hall street’s legacy will be honored through the use of the building for the glory of God. With that said, there may be opportunities in the future for creative wall displays of the Hall street story.

Q: Is there an elevator for our disabled children and adults?

A: There is a lift near the handicap entryway between the main floor and the basement. The lift will ensure that any handicap child will have access to the children’s section on Sunday morning. The lift will also allow handicapped adults to access education rooms. In regard, to the youth room, if a disabled youth is present, activities can be moved into the gym and it will be addressed at that time.

Q: Does the 300,000 include any renovation in the balcony? Do we plan on doing any refreshing up there at all?

A: The balcony is in presentable shape. It will be used for overflow only. It is believed that redoing the balcony is not a major need or a good use of resources at the time.

Q: Terms of the loan. Years, interest, payments, early payoff, etc.?

A: The church stewardship team interviewed several banks in regards to the best option for the loan. The stewardship team was in 100% agreement on Independence bank, the bank that LCC banks with. The loan information includes:
A. Loan rate = 4.5%
B. Payments will (apx) be $1,897.95 a month.
C. Increase to weekly giving requirements will be roughly $475 a week.
D. Interest only payments for 6 months, followed by 54 monthly principal and interest payments based on a 20 year amortization.
E. No pre-payment penalty.
F. 5 year fixed rate term commitment.
G. Loan closing cost:
a. $500 loan fee.
b. $350 Title Option/ Real Estate Purchase closing.
c. $25 Flood certification
d. $25 Recording Fee for Mortgage and Assignment Renets.
e. $13 Release Fee
f. $914 estimated total.

Q: Why not split the project up so we don’t’ have to borrow so much money?

A: This was the vision teams original plan, to phase out the projects. As time progressed on there were several reasons for altering this and pursuing a loan.
A. The boiler is in need of replacing now. The complete cost of the boiler could have been paid from our general savings, but would have almost depleted the checking account. The boiler will be part of the loan.
B. As time progressed on, it was realized that doing the project in sections was going to be a challenge. It would prolong the time of getting into the space, bids could not be guaranteed, the building would be a continual work zone (possibly hazardous with children around) and doing the project at once will be cheaper in the long run.
C. $300,000 is a lot of money, but it must be placed in context. If we were building a building from the ground up we would be looking at millions of dollars of cost. Those in construction would agree that this is an incredibly low amount.
D. The amount will also replace the ramp outside. The ramp itself is very costly to replace because it will have to meet code for wheelchairs and the disabled. Like the boiler, the loan will include the ramp.

Q: How many rooms does the kid’s ministry have in the basement? Six or eight? If six, why not eight so that all rooms up to the tile portion of the room are kids, this gives room for growth and expansion.

A: The rooms downstairs have been last to be designated. There is still a room not designated. The ones designated are ones that can be potentially moved to the main floor in the near future. These are rooms that are used for non-adult related ministries to limit adult access during children ministry. We want our children to have an amazing area and we believe they will.

Q: What about some color? Maybe a splash of green?

A. With signs and decorations there will be color. Plus, we can’t imagine Life Community being anywhere without a “little green” somewhere.