LCC Update Nov. 22

Posted on Nov 22, 2017 |

Greetings from the Rager family!

We are happy to announce our fourth born, Kenneth Nehemiah Rager, who arrived on the scene on Friday, November 17th 6:10 am weighing 7lbs and 19.25 inches.  Nehemiah is an excellent addition to our house!  Mom is recovering, and the sisters are happy!  I’ve also been taking some personal time off to help Mom heal and to help with the girls. We are incredibly grateful for all the meals, texts, and visits.

I am very thankful that Pastor Jason filled the pulpit on Sunday morning for me, as he preached a message on dedicating “time” to reading and studying your Bible.  I want to encourage you to stay strong in “40 Days in the Word,” doing the daily work and meditating on scriptures.  If you’re behind, try to double up to get the full impact of the study.  It does indeed take time to read God’s Word, but as Pastor Jason shared on Sunday, he deserves our time.

I will be back in the pulpit on Sunday and look very forward to seeing you all. I also hope you have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Here are a few updates I wanted to relay:
Our schedule “NIGHT OF VISION” will be postponed to the beginning of January.  Our Team is wanting to make sure that we have a good quality and thorough presentation.  Knowing that the campaign has been fantastic and The Holiday Season is here, the team wants the best turn out possible and feels that after Christmas will be very appropriate (especially since it’s all about the future of the building and where we are going, very timely with the new year).  We are also waiting back to hear from the banks about loan possibilities (the information has not yet come in from the banks).  The team wants to have all that information before presenting it to the church and then giving the church a couple of weeks to process it, think about it, and pray about it before voting it in.

Tomorrow there will be a campaign themed outreach at Shoe Stop from 4-7am.  They are going to blessing customers.  All are welcome to come out and help


Make sure to mark your mark your calendar for December 2nd for our big “END OF THE CAMPAIGN” celebration event.  We are going to have a meal, testimonies, and a lot of fun.  This will be on a Saturday night, so make sure you come and support it.

I look forward to being with you guys on Sunday.  Sunday morning will mark the last message in the 40 Days in the Word.  This study has been a great blessing for me, and I hope it has been for you as well.

God Bless

Pastor Kenny