We are in a new Season of Serving!

Life Community is grateful for all those who use their gifts to serve God and to create a loving worship environment.  Every time someone serves at Life Community Church, they are helping the church to become a “Connecting, Caring, and Changing Church”.  Our prayer is that many lives will be touched through those who graciously serve.

Download  the link to see the list

Season of Serving Sept-December 2017–Final

The first tab is the list of those who signed up to serve for the 9 AM service with their phone number.  The second tab  is the list of those who signed up to serve at the 11 AM service with their phone number.  The third tab is the schedule from September through December.    If you need to change dates with someone, look at the list on one of the first two tabs and recruit someone to serve in your place


Background check form – If you have not filled out the authorization form for a background check you are asked to click on the link to get a copy.  Please fill it out, sign it and return it to the office or mail it to the church at Life Community Church, P.O. Box 192, Owensboro, KY  42302.  Thank you for your cooperation in getting these background checks done.